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Choosing a janitorial service can be a tricky business. No matter how impressive a bidder might be initially, the client will never know for sure about the quality of their service until their performance has stood the test of time.

Whether a client prefers to base his choice primarily on a recommendation, measurable service points or intuition, some basic questions should never be overlooked. Below are four common criterion that clients traditionally consider before making a final decision.

Ability and range of services: does the company have the capability to carry out all the necessary tasks? i.e. the manpower, equipment and expertise?

  • Do they have good references and recommendations?
  • Do they have adequate liability insurance and bonding?
  • Is their cost for services reasonable and does it fit into your company’s budget?

Most services start out with a bang at the initial startup, but unfortunately over 50% of clients eventually become dissatisfied with the quality of the cleaning. Some clients settle for what they have, while others eventually decide to look elsewhere.

The next time you decide to look for another cleaning service you may want to consider some other factors when evaluating the bidding companies. One question in particular will reveal important information about a company’s ability to meet your expectations over a longer period of time, but it is a question that is rarely asked. It is: Do you have a Quality Control Program, and what does it consist of?

An effective Quality Control Program is essential for consistent cleaning performance. Without proper training, adequate cleaning tools & equipment, regular inspections, supervision, detail work and other incentives in place to motivate cleaning personnel, quality inevitably fluctuates, cleaning tasks get postponed, and performance standards can drop in even the best of companies.

We encourage you to ask the companies you interview to show you what their Quality Control programs look like. If they don’t understand what you mean by quality control, ask them how they ensure that their cleaning personnel and management staff will always keep the quality of their cleaning and other services high. Don’t hesitate to ask for details.

A company who has a thorough Quality Control program in place is likely to be more consistent and reliable in the long term quality of their cleaning. It could prevent a great deal of frustration for the client and increase their long term satisfaction with their janitorial company considerably.